cafe interior

"A Restaurant That Both Locals & Visitors Love!"

Our Mission at 42nd Street Café & Bistro is to provide a casual, warm, friendly dining experience that allows you to relax and renew your faith in yourself and life's possibilities. Everyone can taste the difference when good ingredients are used, like the butter used to cook the fried red potatoes, and the care taken in food preparation when the omelets are hand-folded, and when the chicken is skillet-fried. Though our training was French, all the dishes we offer reflect the cuisines of the West Coast with its Mexican, Italian and Asian influences….and our trips to New Orleans.

The menu changes to take advantage of, and feature, what is seasonally available, with special emphasis on showcasing the seafood of the pristine waters surrounding the peninsula: The Columbia River, The Pacific Ocean, and Willapa Bay.

Going on twenty-six years in this one location, we're locally owned and operated by people who have lived, cooked and served on the peninsula for over thirty years. Combined we have over 125 years of restaurant experience; almost all of it "on the job". Only one member of the staff had formal culinary training, and we tease them a lot. Most important, want you to enjoy what we love to do and have a great time when you are here.

Blaine & Cheri Walker